Friday, February 13, 2009


To my upmost horror, it had dawned to me in a flash of lighting that I had been neglecting my blog for quite a while. Gosh, it is already February 13, and only my second post of the month!

Chinese New Year came and went in a flash; it was the usual routine of making cookies and cakes beforehand,  meeting up with friends and family during the first few days, spiced up by the occasional mahjong playing and drinking binge, and trying to finish the cookies afterwards.

February is always a slow month for writing, most probably because nothing ever happened in February for me. Usually it coincide with the University holidays, which means I am stuck at home. The weather like always, had been atrocious; either it was raining too heavily or shining too bright. But in the occasional good days, a jog around the city had been refreshing.

My current occupation is waiting. Not as a waiter, but the actual process of waiting for the Malaysian government to give me a job. Hopefully it will be soon before my brain became too rusted to be of any use. I do endeavor to spare some time refreshing myself on topics in Pharmacy, but it was too sporadic to be called time well spent.

With nothing much to do, I decided to spend the time writing short stories, fully aware that it might be the last long holiday I have for the next few decades. Incidentally, MPH-AllianceBank is having this fantastic short story writing competition, and I had been spending the last fortnight writing leads for a good story. I had zeroed in one to be followed on, but I guess it will take another fortnight or so for it to be completed. I am aiming for 6000 words.

I fancy that’s all for this post. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I popped in to write another post.


Ai Ling said...

Good luck in your essay writing!

Anonymous said...

hey! remember the prize-winning story u promised to post le... don't make me hunt u down, i know where u live =P


Phiaw said...

Hi Ai Ling, thanks for the wishes.

And my not-so-close-by-neighbour (what a mouthful!) please forget about that. write it off from your memory! i think the non-prize winning story I was going to post up is way better =p