Tuesday, February 17, 2009



“I was also thinking about how to talk to you that time,” she reminisces, the scene bringing a smile to her face amidst the lingering tears. Like a rainbow after the rain, he realizes.

“You looked funny standing there, the befuddled look on your face, standing in a crooked way with green smudges on your pants. Even your specs were slanted to the left. ”

“Do I look that comical?”

“No, no. Adorable will be a better word. Anyway I knew from your looks that you wanted to talk to me. I didn’t know when you will gather enough courage to do it again, so I took the initiative.”


“Will you tutor me in Chemistry?”

He heard the request amidst the pandemonium in the cafeteria, a product of gregarious girls and boisterous guys letting their hair down after a particularly hard morning lecture. He was sitting at his usual corner by himself, staring at the ant exploring every nook and cranny of his half-eaten sandwich while trying to overcome his earlier disappointment and hatching another plan to speak to the girl.

He looked up and pushed his thick spectacles back onto the bridge of his nose.

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Standing right in front of him was that Korean. The one in grey dress, pink cardigan and royal blue scarf. Was he dreaming? Was that just an apparition?

No it seemed, as she spoke again.

“Kyle told me you are the best student in the whole year level. I think I will be failing Chemistry this year unless you help me.”

He was still too stunned to form words in his mind. It felt like a miracle. Her voice was music to his ear, coruscating to fill every crevasse and crevice in his body.

“I will pay you twenty dollars per hour.”

He just managed to sum up enough energy to nod his head.

“Your name is Ken right? I’m Sarah-Jane.” She said, extending her delicate right hand, proffering to shake his.

He shook her hand mechanically. It felt cold, yet it still managed to send an electric shock that warmed his heart. He could see her smiling.

“Can we start the lesson tomorrow? At the library? What about 2 o’clock?”

He nodded to all three questions. To curious onlookers, he looked mechanical, very much like a robot.

“All right. See you then.” She said, giving him a polite bow, before turning and strolling out of the cafeteria. He never left his sight wonder away from her. Warning signs were flashing in his head. His had a feeling his obsession was getting worse instead of better.

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