Thursday, February 19, 2009



“E D C D E E E D D D E E E E D C D E E E E D D E D C,” she hums, her fingers moving to play an imaginary piano. “As a matter of fact, I did write out my grades based on Mary has a Little Lamb. It is my favorite childhood song. I didn’t realize you are good in music”

“No, that’s the only song I can play on the piano.”

“Anyway, to tell you the truth, I have a distinction average.”

“That probably explains why you can’t concentrate during the tutorials.”


He was in a trance, seeing her furrowed brows, the slight frown and the pencil sticking behind her ears as she attempted to grasp the essence of the latest lecture notes he had prepared for her. It was a perfect picture of intense concentration.

“If only she was like this all the time,” he thought ruefully. He quickly found her a far from ardent student, with a concentration span shorter than the time needed for Michael Johnson to run 400m.

“Can we take a break?” her face was of an innocent angel this time.

“After you had finished this page. Then I will play cards with you okay?” he cajoled. He was sometimes amazed by his own ingenuity and inventiveness in coming out with ways to dangle carrots on a stick in front of her. 10 minutes in front of the computer. A game of cards. Sweets. Promises of small gifts.

She made an okay sign with her fingers and flashed him a toothy smile. She returned to her notes, and he fell back happily under her spell.

They met twice per week in the university library. He found himself thoroughly absorbed in his quest to help her excel in her studies. He poured into the textbooks with previously unfounded vigour every night, and developed ways to make his notes easy for her to remember until the wee hours of the morning.

“Okay, let’s play cards. This time I will beat you for sure!”

He produced the stack of cards from his pockets. Grudgingly, he shuffled the pack and began to deal. For the next hour, they played cards. Her constant giggles and shouts attracted the disapproving frown of the librarian more than once. They had such a happy time that he felt guilty.

“I think I can pass the exam this time,” she declared as they were walking out of the library together.

“How will you reward me if you passed?”

“I will treat you a big meal!”

P/s: For those who asked, this is really a work of FICTION. Meaning it is NOT a true story. But part of some scenes were adopted from my various experiences in Uni. the rest are product of my imagination. By the way, LEAVING may not be published tomorrow as I am rewriting the ending of the story.

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