Monday, February 23, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire


Slumdog Millionaire had just been voted as Best picture in the Oscars. I didn't watch the other movies on the shortlist to be able to say Slumdog is the undisputed best, but I do think that it is good enough to deserve it.


The story line was impressive, the story-telling sublime. It was ingenious using the popular "Who wants to be a millionaire" as the scene to flashback on the whole life of the protagonist. The storyline was based on a novel. If only I can write such a story, I would be rich and famous... 

Besides, it was certainly a feel good movie released at a time where everyone needs a dose of good cheer. What's more it's an underdog film, and it felt doubly good when these kind of films came from nowhere and knocked out an expensive blockbuster.   Perhaps I was already infected by the Australian "tall-poppy syndrome". I always love to support underdogs.

A lament is that free Malaysian channels doesn't telecast live stuffs anymore. I used to remember watching the Oscars live on TV while I'm studying in the afternoon session a decade ago. Now I can only follow it through the website online.

Anyway, congratulations to those people who did the movie. I loved it.


café paris said...

Slumdog Millionaire is really a great movie, i'm happy for the Oscar !

hb said...

No astro?