Saturday, February 14, 2009

A story about love stories

Once upon a time long long ago, a slightly plumb boy decided to write a collection of short stories about love. Sad love. Happy love. Crazy love. It was to be the first ever book of its kind, with enough variety of love to suit everyone. And he was sure it will be a bestseller.

Love was perhaps the main agenda on the mind of a boy just fresh from finishing his SPM who had nothing much else to think about.

Five years down the road, not a single short story was written, never mind the whole compilation. The boy had grown up, still writing stories about a variety of things, albeit ultra-short less than a thousand words one.

But he believes love should always be a centre theme, because it is love that provides the lighter colours on a palette of a person called life.

In conjunction with this year’s Valentine’s Day, he finished his first ever more than 5000 words story. About love of course. He doesn’t know how people will react to it, but either way, it can’t rub off the shine on his face for fulfilling a childhood dream.

This story is dedicated to everyone, with the hope that they cherish the loves they have.

This story is called LEAVING. It will be posted in parts over a span of days (so that he can revise it here and there). Gosh he had even drawn a book cover for it using Paint. Scroll down to the next post for Part 1.


Happy reading!

P/s: There’s some spoiler below, please don’t read until the end of the story if you can resist.

The writer said that this story was inspired by memories of a beautiful city called Melbourne, and his fetish with everything Korean(blame it on Autumn in My Heart and Vincent). It had a somewhat happy ending, which is a first for a write who thrives on writing sad endings.

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