Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mukah news

You know you had diversified too much when you are a post office and you don’t even know how much it costs to send a snail mail from Mukah to Melbourne.

Post office Mukah very canggih (advanced). There I can settle my sesco (electricity) bill, telekom (telephone) bill, insurance bill, even top-up my Digi (handphone) line. And the fellas there do it efficiently. But then when I asked for stamps to send snail mail from here to Melbourne, the fella who served me go “Errrr…..nanti ar…tunggu sekejap…”(please wait) before hollering “boss!”  =.=’’’

Hello! Isn’t the post office supposed to be the expert in posting letters???

Mukah doesn’t have much of a new year mood. I think mainly because there’s no shopping malls where you can pull all the senses and sights of CNY together and showcase them in a contained space. 

All you will see here are sparse splotches of red in front of sundry store selling made-in-China cheap wares and the occasional blaring of CNY songs from VCD vendors. Haih..

Anyway still got a couple of shops selling lokam. The bright orange colour exudes so much CNY feelings that I couldn’t resist buying one whole box and share it with the hospital staffs last week. Just to spread a little bit of CNY feel around. Being here, I seriously don’t feel that CNY is just one week away. 

A lot of the guy staffs here called me “Boss” (coz my ‘rank’ higher) but most of the female staffs called me “Boy” (coz I look young and adorable?). And officially from last week I am literally the new “Boy Boss” of the pharmacy.

Okay that’s what I called myself anyway. My boss got transferred. So now I am at the helm steadying the ship and avoiding the icebergs while waiting (hopefully) for a new captain to come abroad. Felt so weird being boss to a group of people much much older than me.  I went for my first department heads meeting today – and yay I was also the youngest around. Really makes me feel twenty-six is so far away...


changyang1230 said...

Do you get CNY off?

phiklun said...

hhaha... mukah's post office very canggih one..
so nice, can become boss edy..must be earning a lot and being respected much ya..
ha! happy cny to you!! i oso wanna eat mandarin!! the one in the red box or in wooden container. >< yalo, are you goin back kuching for cny??