Friday, January 07, 2011

Trip up north

The last time i was in Miri, it was a 3-hours space filler enroute from Kuching to Mukah. But this Oil Town impressed me enough to warrant a longer ‘official’ visit.

So after the New Year trip to Sibu, Miri became the destination of my 2nd trip.

This is a bird’s eye view of Miri atop Canada Hill. Miri is quite big and it felt like Kuching away from Kuching. Only that it is hotter.


The colourfully decorated trees along Jalan North Yu Sheng, one of the main streets of Miri.


Miri has a lot of beautiful beaches just a short drive from the city centre, for example this esplanade beach.


And their public parks are much more well maintained compared to those in Kuching. This pic is taken at the Taman Awam park.


This is the Grand Old Lady of Miri, which is a must-visit icon. It is the site of the first on-shore oil well in Miri. 


And here is the friendly sea-horse, the mascot of Miri city. Looks similar to Singapore’s Merlion.


Food wise, nothing too spectacular but all the same very nice. They have this nice dish called Lalapan:


And also delicious grilled fish.


And yes, not to forget about dim-sum which will put all the dim-sum joints in Kuching to shame.


Of course a trip to Miri wouldn’t be complete without a trip to their friendly next-door neighbour, Brunei. Since there’s so many photos in this post, Brunei will be up in next =).

Last of all, thanks to all my dear friends in Miri who makes this trip fun and memorable.

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