Friday, May 18, 2007


I got to be a 'bartender' in Uni on Wednesday!

The Uni had a "Mocktail and Jazz" free event last Wednesday. As a volunteer, I got the chance to be a bartender. It was so cool. I got to play with a cocktail shaker and learn how to mix drinks (with mixed success).

My fellow volunteers and I are entrusted to mix mocktail like Cinderella, Pina Colada, Mock Sangria, Rainbow Cooler and Fruit Tingle. It was fun at first coz there's only a few people around and we got to experiment with the drinks. But as time goes on, the crowd started to grow (it was a free event) and guess we got kinda panicky and end up with some 'disasterous' mixture..but it still was lotz of fun.

This is my version of Cinderella:

The official recipe
30 mLs lemon juice
30 mLs orange juice

30 mLs pineapple juice

60 mLs soda

dash of grenadine
Pour over ice and garnish with orange.

What I ended up with (I think)
10 mLs lemon juice
20 mLs orang juice
20 mLs pineapple juice
100 mLs soda
dash of grenadine
Pour, add ice and garnish with orange.

3 pretty gals 'enjoying' my Cinderella. Well, to tell the truth, they didn't really enjoy it coz it was too sour. I put too much soda in it coz I got the maths wrong. In the end, need to salvage the drink by adding some sweet raspberry cordial.

The atmosphere was very nice and smoothing as the Uni also invited a Jazz duo to preform some live music while the students are enjoying the mocktails. I am kinda impressed by the one playing the cello-like instruments. He picked the strings with his hands for 1 whole hour. Wonder why it doesn't hurt him.

This is our work station at the end of the event. Kinda messy.

Seriously I found life in uni to be extremely fun this year. The uni are really making a good effort to expose the students to different things and try to give them opportunity to make more friends. For example, two weeks ago they got Photography Club members from Caulfield to have a photography session in Uni. And this is what we did (I did the P):

Who say Uni life isn't fun?

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