Friday, May 11, 2007

Memories of running

We all got more time than we think. That's probably what I was thinking when I signed up for this:

Yeah that's right: barely one and a half month after I took part in the Run for the Kids, I pledged my time (and money) to join another charity run: this time the Mother's Day Classic to raise funds for breast cancer.

I love to run so so much.. maybe I will be Forrest Gump number 2.

It will be held this Sunday and it is a 8km run. My target is to finish the race in 40 minutes.

Hopefully in the midst of labouring over 3 assignments and 4 up-coming tests (not to mention the finals less than 1 month away), my stamina can keep up with me!

But yeah, I do believe we all got more time then we think.. 'fingers crossed'.


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youngyew said...

Haha sure you are getting addicted.. All the best for the run! :)

Phiaw said...

thank you thank you! i'll do my best haha..