Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Parcels of thoughts

The big 'E' is around the corner again!
Cool. This sem I am having 6 paper.
Everything else except studying is so much fun now.

Whilst dwindling my time away surfing the net, these things interests me, and it may interest you too.

Parcel 1: Love..

Ever wonder why the heart shape - the universal sign of love - is the shape it is? Why it can't be a circle or a square but shaped like this?

I never thought about this until I chanced this article in Damn Interesting. Seems that the shape is derived from an already extinct plant - Silphium. The plant has a heart shape fruit which it is reported to have natural contraceptive properties and enable the eater to have sex without getting pregnant. It is so good that it even appear on coins and so effective that it was harvested to extinction before 100 AD.

I have an inkling that we have this custom called marriage due to the extiction of this plant - as a more forced form of birth control. But now since we have this artificial birth control pills, will marriage be a thing of the past soon? And yeah, will the pictures of these pills appear on coins soon?

Parcel 2: Discrimination..

It is hard not to discriminate nowadays.
There's just so many ways in which one can perform an act that is deemed discriminatory.
For example, writing a blog in Chinese means it discriminate non-Chinese readers.
Watched TV today and got one angmo say: "I loved Malaysia so much. The people are so friendly and helpful towards tourists."
Seems Malaysians treat their guests better then their brothers and sisters. How discriminating.

Parcel 3: Logic..

Malaysian news:
There will be no maid from Mainland China because they are deemed to cause breakdown in families, because you know, men just cannot resist them.

Which part of this is different from saying:

Girls cannot wear revealing clothes when going out because they are asking to be raped, because you know, men just cannot resist them.


It can also means that maids from Indonesia and Phillipines are not pretty/sexy/attractive. Such an insult!

Parcel 4: Brain teaser..

Collective nouns are fun. You know a pack of wolves, a school of fish..
If you see five owls together, what do you call them?
Hint: no wonder they say owls are wise animals...

Cool. Actually I got other things to write but seems that time is ticking away fast. Save it for another day!

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youngyew said...

Wow, what, parliament?! (just googled) But wait, who said parliament is wise? Just look at our very own parliament. :(

Anyway Ah Phiaw, wish you 福如东海,寿比南山! :P