Thursday, May 24, 2007

Everyone needs a hug

HugMug from Max Brenner.

Ever heard of the Free Hug campaign?

Yeah someone actually felt that the world is getting too disconnected and started this Free Hug campaign, where you just go into the street and hug strangers.

I had heard of the campaigns before, and on last Sunday, I finally got to see the Free Hug campaign in action.

Free hugs at Fed Square

Lots of people actually go and hug them. It was indeed fun and enlightening to watch. You know, go and hug a stranger in a public place. Needs such courage.

The campaign initially started in Australia and now had spread to places like China and Taiwan. Who say Asians are too inhibited or reserved? Seems that now everyone is getting out of their shells and beginning to exhibit public displays of affection. Wonder when will it arrive at the shore of Malaysia. To know more about the campaign, the ever reliable Wikipedia have a nice write-up. Alternatively, you can visit this free hugs website.

I felt that this is a very nice concept. A human touch can warm the coldest heart.

Anyone want to give me a hug?

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youngyew said...

I saw the two persons too! :) But I noticed only a few people who went for the hug, the rest of the time the guys just walked around doing nothing. :P