Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

This year, I commemorate Mother's Day in a different way: by taking part in the Mother's Day Classic Run to raise funds for breast cancer research.

Breast cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in women, with an estimated 1 in 8 women developing the cancer in their lifetime. Research attempting to cure this cancer costs a lot and in Australia, the Mother's Day Classic are held every year in all major cities too fund them. More info from this website.

I took part in the 8km run, and managed to finish the race at 46mins 05 sec, which was 6 minutes short of my target. Nonetheless I felt it was okay coz didn't really practice for the run.

Me in my free Team Monash sportswear

Instead of teaming up with my JPA friends this time, I joined Team Monash for therun. Team Monash treats us real well, giving us a free PUMA t-shirt, breakfast and drinks and even a massage. We were also given a free medallion.

Mother's Day Classic Medallion

And to my Mother and all other Mothers out there, I would like to wish you all Happy Mother's Day and dedicate this poem to you:

Because I feel that in the heavens above
The angels, whispering one to another,
Can find among their burning terms of love,
None so devotional as that of "Mother"...
Edgar Allen Poe

P/s: In support of Breast Cancer research, the backgroud of my blog will be a girlish pink for the entire month. Hope you all like it.

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youngyew said...

Haha Ah Phiaw, it's very very pink worr... :P

Anyway congrats for the run result. It's still so much faster than me. :P