Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Post number 100

This will the 100th post in phiawz.blogspot.com.

I can't think of anything else more fitting to be featured as a mark of celebration for this significant 'achievement' other than a homage towards food.

"We live to eat and eat to live" so as the adage goes. For me I certainly loved food, including preparing and cooking them. These activities of cooking are even more enticing and fun when practiced at a time when I have more pressing things to do: studying for the exam. I found that cooking is very therapeutic and certainly serves well to ruffle the mundane routine of studying. Here are some food that I had prepared over the last week:

Fresh, crunchy and yummy hand-cut potato wedges

Eggs and vegetables on crispy pan toasted pasta dura

Authentic pan-fried wo-tie with ginger, sambal chili and vinegar dip

I also celebrated my birthday last week. Thanks everyone for the wishes, whether it is via snail mail, e-card, friendster, msn, telephone or in person. You made my day =).

And special thanks to those who sacrifice their valuable study time to join me in a birthday dinner and to those who got me presents too. And double thanks to Thow Kong for organizing the birthday dinenr and buy me dinner on my actual birthday.

My birthday presents are:

A Italian cookbook courtesy of Wee Loon and Violet

A CK eau de toilette from Heng Liang

A chocolate fondue set from Hui Bing, Pauline, Kheng Ying and Jing Hean

Thanks a lot guys! I am so so so touched.

To view some of my birthday pic, go to brilliant owl's blog. He is the only one with the camera that day.

Discoveries of the day:

1. Indulging in excessive alcohol drinking or smoking is more likely to kill you compared to chronically smoking hemp/ganja/marijuana/cannabis.

2. Walking on hot charcoal will not hurt at all if you do it correctly: ie. applying the correct physics theories.

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Anonymous said...

your pasta dura...nice to eat meh? See already lose appetite lo :P