Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday commentary on health

I always enjoyed the Sunday paper. It never failed to be a good source of information, especially on health.

The current generation should be called the Generation of Health Freaks. We are just too obsessed with our health - following the latest diet fads, indulging in the newest exercise regimens and devises, and consuming wonder pills to increase energy and lose weights. Admittedly, I am one of those health conscious people. I tried to spend at least a 20 minutes walk daily, go to the gym or for a jog 2 times per week and incoprate more vegetables and fruits into my diet.

These are just some interesting and surprising information about general health that I gleaned from just browsing today's paper:

1) A UK research suggests that a lack of sleep can results in obesity. This is due to the fact that by sleeping less, the body undergo hormonal changes and make you crave for food.

2) The best age to give birth is 34. If a woman gives birth at this time, she will enjoy better health, live longer and have healthier babies. For men, they better start help producing babies before 40 or the risk of miscarriage will be higher.

3) The average males start to lose their hair at 28 years old and start to get grey hair at 35.

4) To slow the ageing process, it is good to eat grass-fed meat, oily fish that is high in Omega 3, eat organic produce and drink filtered or spring water.

There are just so many different information and opinions on how to lose weight or look younger. Even though I do believe some of these theories might have some truth in them - I still think that the fundamental concept for good health is just these simple rules:

1) exercise - 20 mins walk daily and some anaerobic exercise (jogging, swimming or cycling) 3 times per day.

2) food - eat green leafy vegetables, and take less meat and junk food. To lose weight, just make sure amount of calorie intake < amount of calorie output.

Simple. No need any other theories.


youngyew said...

Great advice! I especially liked the basic theory of weight change = calory input - calory output. :P

If my memory serves me well, something's different in what we learnt some semesters ago compared to what you have here.

For example, it's better for woman to give birth earlier because as you approach 30 or higher, the fertility will decrease with age. Also, the risk of having a baby with Down syndrome increase with mother's age too.

With jogging, swimming etc, do you mean aerobic instead? :D

Pauline said...

Hey...exercise 3 times a DAY!
Are you serious????
Wouldn't it be easier to just work as a gym trainer then?

freda said...

Hahah, 3 times per DAY. I didn't notice that till you mention, Pauline.
Well Phiaw, if you count cycling to uni, walking that 1 flight of stairs to my apartment and washing dishes as exercise, I might just meet your daily exercise requirement ;P

*bored from studying PP*

Phiaw said...

Er, actually I mean 3 times per week. =)