Thursday, July 17, 2008

A day in the life of a pharmacy student

A new innovation of the campus is to have students write up their life as a pharmacy student in a blog form and let prospective students read about them (So that they will fall in love with the Uni and pledge their future here).  Wondered what's so interesting in the life of a pharmacy student. Decided to chronicle my life today as a dry run.

7.45a.m. Woke up by the mellifluous (I wish) chime of my handphone alarm. Brushed time. Dressed up. Breakfast with a cup of must-have cappuccino.

8.30a.m. Started the half and hour walk to Uni in the cold weather. you know here in Melbourne, poor International students don't have concession for public transport.

9.00a.m. Reached Uni. Worked as a Disability Liaison Unit notes-taker for one hour. Basically I sat through a lecture with 'a person with a  disability' (politically correct way to say it) and helped him jot down whatever the lecturer had said.

10.00a.m. Went to the miniscule library to use the Internet. As usual, too many people and not enough computers. Ended up chatting with friends and reading the Australian Medicines Handbook.

10.30a.m. A double lecture (2 hours long). Had fun observing people nodding off.

12.30p.m. Lunch break! Had an apple and a banana for lunch (being healthy). Crowded cafeteria. Saw some first years playing Uno. Seemed so fun. Wondered why I didn't do that during my time.

1.00p.m. Participated in the preliminary round of a counselling competition. No chance of winning - just went there for experience as gonna have an oral exam soon too. Didn't do too bad. In fact I think I did better then I had expected. At least my brain didn't go on freeze mode.

1.30p.m. Three lectures on the trot. On things such as what G-protein coupled receptors and homeopathic medication. Pure torture. Luckily the last one finished half and hour earlier.

4.00p.m. Sneaked to the common room for some ping-pong. Felt so good to send the ball spinning and smashing around.

4.30p.m. It's Global Friendship Series time! Its a free event for students to have fun and make friends. Today's theme is Japanese. So we had sushi and karaoke. Imagine singing karaoke in the Uni.

6.30p.m. Walked home. It was already dark... and cold. And going to start at 9a.m. again tomorrow.

Hence a typical life of a pharmacy student.


changyang1230 said...

Haha even if we have concessions, you wouldn't have anything that takes you to your uni also isn't it. :D

hsiu yinn said...

hey boon phiaw ! can tag ur blog ?
i see chang yang already in action, he's so quick.haha.

Phiaw said...

CY: haha I guess I just like to whine as usual.
Hsiu Yinn: Yeah CY alwaz the fastest to comment. Ooo.. feel so honored. sure you can tag long as you let me tag ur blog =P

hsiu yinn said...

sure sure..guess that's a fair trade :D

have fun at st v's !