Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Postcards from Sydney Part 2


Day two in Sydney also very sunny - which is good compared to the cold and windy Melbourne weather. A good day for the zoo! ~

First stop today to the Fish Market for some fuel before the zoo trip. Tucked into fresh and yummy-licious oysters and lobsters and sashimi.


Then hopped on a cruise to the zoo - passing by the harbour bridge and opera house along the way.


Taronga Zoo very nice coz its on a island. Giraffe here want escape to Harbour bridge also cannot coz it can't swim. Too bad a few exhibitions closed due to renovations. Not to mention all the hibernating animals. Its like one sleeping wombat. Two sleeping wombat. Three sleeping wombat...


After that went to Pancake on the Rocks for pancake. Tasted as good as it looks.


Night time trip to Sydney Uni. Loved their campus. Really like scenery from 'Love in Harvard'. Quaint old-fashioned pharmacy building too.


Went for ice-cream afterwards. Don't think I will describe how it taste like. Don't wanna you all be Incredible Hulk.



New fact of the day: Didn't know gals can devour pancakes so quickly. Dinner finished in less than 15 minutes.

Interesting fact of the day: Forgot to mentioned that we took the train - the train here are double deckers and the seats are reversible!

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