Friday, July 04, 2008

Postcards from Sydney Part 4

imageIt's Day 4 in Sydney! Gosh. Time really flies. We have nearly reached the end of our short trip. Its gonna be an early start for us today, as we are making the 2 hour journey for the Blue Mountains!

It's a day for the greens and blues - green forests and blue mountains that is.

First on the itinerary was the search for wild kangaroos. Not that interesting. Even the kangas don't look interested.


Then its time to see some waterfalls.


And the mountains.


The famous three sisters are a bit shy to see us - hiding mysteriously under a shroud of mist and fog.


For a bit of jungle adventure, went to sit on the steepest incline railway in the world. Actually not that scary. Just like a short roller coaster.


Ended the day with some nice food (again!) This time went for some hot Japanese ramen;


and cold Lindt chocolate.


That nicely conclude my Sydney trip. Day 5 was uneventful - just breakfast at a random food court and then transit to the airport for the flight home.

As noticed, didn't include pics of any of my travel mates coz didn't have their permission to do so (dun wanna get sued). Besides, this blog is about me. =P


New fact of the day: Gloria Jean in Sydney opened for service at 7a.m. Never knew they open so early. And yeah you can't buy alcohol in Sydney after 12a.m.

Interesting fact of the day: I never had ramen. First impression - a more sophisticated version of Maggi Mee. 

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