Thursday, July 03, 2008

Postcards from Sydney Part 3

imageDay three! Another happy sunny day. What's a better way to start the day other than having some delightful breakfast? So off we go to Zilver for Yum-cha!

The dim-sum there super yummy. Especially the cha-siew.


Then went shopping. Spent >$100. Enough said.  Also to Paddy's Market - which is like Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne but with a Chinese tinge.


Keeping to the Chinese theme, went to Chinatown afterwards. Things real cheap here compared to Chinatown Melbourne.


Then its to the Chinese friendship garden - which was really like a secret paradise hidden right in the city.


After that its time to visit the most famous beach in Australia - the Bondi Beach. Too bad its winter - no bikini gals. And its size failed to impress too. Just slightly bigger then Damai Lagoon in Kuching.


Anyway, around there was a store selling Deep Fried Mars Bars. Yeah its chocolate deep fried. Triple cholesterol but worth the risk.


Better things to follow - went to Hurricane Grill for dinner. Had huge pork ribs and lamb ribs for dinner (so big that it cannot fit into the pic). Still salivating while looking at this pic.


End the day with more shopping at Bondi Junction. Great leisurely day. Especially for the tummy.


New fact of the day: The Mars Bars in the fried Mars Bars was melted after being deep fried. I thought it will be intact like fried ice-cream.

Interesting fact of the day: I spent more money while shopping for clothes compared to the gals. How can this be?

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