Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Yesterday's was the so called devil's day: 06.06.06 as 6 is widely regarded as the devil's number. And I have an interview lined up on this particular day at 6.40 pm (lucky not 6.06pm). Bad omen huh?

Well, yesterday's was my first ever interview in Australia, and it is for 4-week hospital working stint during the summer. So I prepared my CV, Cover Letter, skim and scan through the hospital's info online and read up on interview techniques. No probs there till its time to figure what to wear. Was thinking of wearing my suit but then alwaz figured that Aussie loved being informal. I mean, here lecturers even wear T-shirts to lecture! In the end, decided on some semi-formal wear. Here's a pic of me yesterday before the interview...thought I look real smart...

Big mistake. Coz a lot of them turn out looking like this:

Anyway, the interview was okay.. had some freakin unexpected questions and spent a great chunk of time talking about cheese cake and da vinci code with them. Imagine that. The last question was the craziest: if you are a superhero or have some supernatural activity, who you want to be or what ability you want to have and why. I was like what? Okay maybe I was forewarned about that question.. but still haven't really prepared an answer.. Anyway, the chance of securing a place is like 1/10. So whatever. Juz went there for the experience.

After returning from the interview, felt bored. Scoured OWL's computer and found a few series of Grey's Anatomy. Had heard so many rave reviews of the series so tried watching them. Big mistake. They are so damn funny that instead of the intended 10 mins allocated, I ended up watching 2 full episodes. Lucky have enough self control to stop myself from continuing on the third. Or might as well kiss sayonara to all my intended HDs in the coming exams..

Talk about the devil.. EXAMS. damn.. am suppose to study and not writing this. Whatever. Oh well, am returning to face the DEVIL now.

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