Friday, June 09, 2006

My own World Cup battle

Its D-Day tonight. The first match of the World Cup will go on at 1.30a.m Aussie Melbourne time. And you bet I will sit through to watch the entire match...

How I wish I can watch all the matches.. but bad luck that the exams is just around the corner.. and as luck will have it, all the interesting and juicy matches was superbly paired into 'groups of death' with my exam papers... Much as I would like to say "bring on the World Cup! who cares bout the exams..." I'm still weighted down by the responsibility to study. Heck, I am paid to study... For me it will be a titanic battle between World Cup Matches versus Exam Papers.

Who will win? Here's my prediction:

June 12
VCP 2011 Pharmacy Practice II (230pm) vs Serbia and Netherlands (June 11 1030pm)
This I think Serbia and Netherlands will win hands down coz VCP 2011 is in the afternoon. But then hopefully Netherlands will play better than they did against Aussie or I will only watch 45 mins...

June 14
VCP 2021 Medicinal Chemistry II (830am) vs Brazil and Croatia (430am)
This match will be won by VCP 2021.. no question bout that coz eventhough the likes of Ronaldinho and Kaka is tempting, Med Chem is too tough a paper to fool around with. Anyway I don't support Brazil this time round..

June 19
VCP 2031 Pharmaceutics (830am) vs France and S.Korea (430am)
This is a tough call to make.. S.Korea had been such an enigma since their referee assisted exploits 4 years also. This is certainly a mouth-watering matchup with the hero-turn-zero France.. but then Pharmaceut is tough too.. a draw this time round, as I will watch the second half only.

June 21
VCP 2091 Biochemistry (830 am) vs Sweden and England (430am)
Another tough call... must see if England versus Sweden end in draw again or not.. and Biochem is the hardest of the lot (but I like Biochem a lot). Well, still I think a draw... second half only...

June 23
VCP 2041 Pharmacology (830 am) vs Czech and Italy (June 22 1130pm)
This one I think Pharmaco will win. Its a big difference between sleeping late and waking up early. Once I sleep late the second day will be a goner. So too bad Czech and Italy..

And for those of you who are still wondering which team I will support for the World Cup, need I remind you its this team lah...

=) Nah juz joking. I support England this time round. Why? coz their defence is much stronger than both the Brazilian and Argentinian defence.

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