Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My exam venue

After reading Chang Yang extolling about his World Heritage Listed exam hall, I'm tempted to write about my exam hall too. Well, no, it's not a World Heritage Listed site; no, it's not that beautiful or glamourous or surrounded by a magnificient garden. But it's special and unique too. My exam is at a Race Course. You know, the place where they race horses? Yeah there. Well that does not equal us being horses, but by the way we race against time finishing our exams at breakneck speed, it came pretty close.

Here's some pics of that equally awesome place where I have our exams every semester:

The front entrance of the Caulfield Racing Stadium.

We have our exams here..rite under the sunshine on the green green grass =)

Joking... we have it here inside this building. If you sit at the back, you can turn around and gaze at the green green grass if you are stuck halfway through..

Anyway, juz finished my second exams paper there today. 2 down, 3 to go.

There's no better way to conclude my post than by borrowing a line from Chang Yang: a reason to be proud of having my exams there - who else in the whole wide world have their exams in a Race Course? ^_^

Exams grumbling:
Damn you med chem lecturers! I am paying my fees to sit for a real exams, not doing past-years practice! I can do that at home by myself thank you very much... don't tell me you are all so
mentally challenged that you cannot set a new set of questions and need to resort to making a compilation of past year questions and call it an exam. Shame on you!

World Cup muttering:
Damn South Korea.. nice way to (not) take a free kick. No.. i don't mean the one you managed to score.. i mean the one that you can potentially shoot at the 92nd min but instead pass it around. That cost me a bundle okay...
Aussie aussie aussie... nice interesting match..but for those no brainers who kept on blaring their horns the entire nite till I coundn't sleep (and I have an exam the next day)... go to ****
How come no shock results one??

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