Thursday, June 01, 2006

The cost of education

Was discussing about the escalating price of overseas education with my roommates the other day when suddenly it dawned upon us the magnitude of our own education cost. It is so ridiculously expensive that the rise in petrol and electricity bills sound so like...peanuts.

For example my Pharmacy course costs a cool AUS$11925 per sem, minus ammenities fees. That's equal to 13 weeks of studies, which is the equivalent of 13 x 25 contact hours (11 lectures, 2 tutorials, 4 three hrs long prac) which is 325 hours. Divide the sum of money paid with the number of hours, one lecture actually cost me AUS$37, which is RM100. Try compare that to the price of petrol. One hour of lecture = 70 L of petrol. Parents, think how much you can save before sending your offsprings overseas - gallons and gallons of petrol! Sure made me feel guilty of missing class. Too bad they don't calculate the amount of money you have to pay based on the amount of lectures and pracs you had attended. That way some of my friends can actually save a lot.. especially this guy here whose nick is OWL..

Sleep, sleep, sleep always

Money fly away...

Merrily merrily merrily,

Dreaming all the way...

(tune it with row, row,row your boat...)

Can't blame him though, coz he is a medic student and under lotz of the dreaded S-word: Stress). To the rest of you who love to miss class: Wake up! Don't waste ur parents' money! The money you waste by juz missing a lecture can enable me to buy 40 big bowls of my favorite kolomee.

Oh ya by the way, yesterday was my birthday! Haha.. both my roommates tried unsuccessfully to reproduce what they did last year: trying to keep my party a surprise. I am not so stupid to be fooled 2 years in a row k.. perhaps you both managed it last year.. but not this year.. =P anyway thx for the gallant effort. Thx to those of you who sadly had to part with your precious time and money yesterday coz you are 'unfortunate' enough to know me..hehe. I appreciate it very much even though I juz can't manage to elicit any tears yesterday. Too bad I forgot to bring onions.

To sign off.. a happy Hari Gawai to all my S'wakians friends! Gayu guru gerai nyamai.


youngyew said...

Haha, wish you had enjoyed your birthday... It's not easy to organize a surprise birthday nowadays, but then sincerity is worth more than surprise, I guess. :)

Phiaw said...

YEah...agree agree hehe..