Sunday, October 21, 2007

Corpus Medicum

Today I went to hear an orchestra coz my housemate OWL is performing in it. Besides, I haven't be to an orchestra before in Australia and the $20 ticket fee all go to charity.

The orchestra consist of doctors and medic students and interns. It is nearly 2 hours long and they played music composed by Beethoven and Bartok.

What I found really amazing is how the music from 20 violins sounds so differently from the solitary one that I often hear when OWL is in the mood to practice.

But alas, I still can't really appreciate music. I can enjoy the rhythm but can't figure out the story behind it.

Anyway, it was a nice experience. Nice break from study too, as my exam starts Thursday.

Wonder when they will start an orchestra featuring Pharmacists. Doesn't matter anyway coz I can't play any musical instruments. =P

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