Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The road to take

Me in a rural community pharmacy

This week is the last week of my 3rd year in uni.

After this Friday, I will have 10 days swot vac, and then it is the exams.

Bar me failing any of my exams (touchwood), I will be ready-made for the workforce in just around 400 days.

It's all so near and a little scary.

It just seems that not too long ago I'm still in secondary school. And also INTEC.

After 15 years of doing what I'm most competent in: studying and passing exams, the impending working life looks so surreal. So foreign. It's like starting a new journey.

I just had a taste of what working in a pharmacy whole day is like during my placements 2 weeks ago. Nine to five and no life after that coz too tired. The thought of following this routine for the next 30 odd years is daunting.

And then comes the all important question: What road should I take after finishing my four year degree?

I will indeed go back to Malaysia. But the question is when. A bite of the money pie in Australia is very tempting. A pharmacist here can earn close to $40/hour.

Then should I focus on hospital pharmacy? Research? Academia? Community? Pharmacoeconomics? Wound care? Aged care?

I'm bad at making decisions.

On the lighter side, I still have 400 days to make them.

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youngyew said...

That's really good on you! I have never thought of the working life yet... It's all so far away for me.