Monday, October 01, 2007

My rural 'holiday'

Went swimming.

It was in a way, a working holiday when I'm posted to do my Rural Pharmacy placement in Bairnsdale. Bairnsdale is a town located near the seaside, have a population of around 10,000 and is 300 km or nearly 4 hours via train from Melbourne.


Bairnsdale is sort of the place where you have the scenery of the countryside and also the facilities of a city. There are adequate supermarkets (all the big names ones are here) and also shopping centres. There's also a cinema, hospital, eateries, bars and pubs, hotels... and yet all these are just a stone throw away from gazing cows, vast green swarths of grass and a riverside where patient old guys sit and fish all day long.

Bairnsdale's Main Road at dusk.

Mitchell River and surrounding greens- just 2 streets away from Main Street.

Other places that I had visited during my three weeks there included the seaside town of Lakes Entrance, home to the manigficient pelicans.

A group of pelicans.

Lakes Entrance is also famous for the ninety-miles beach, which is indeed, a beach that is 90-miles long.

The never-ending beach

Bridge to the 90 miles beach

We also visited Paynesville and Raymond Island, both lakeside towns famous for being holiday spots and fishing holes. Indeed, a reccurent theme in all the places here is the jetties. There are jetties everywhere. Raymond island is also one of the few places where you can spot koalas on the trees by the roadside. The only thing they failed to mention in the travel brochures is that it was infested by mosquitoes as well.


Yet another lakeside town we visited is Metung, a quiet idyllic fishing village with rustic charms. There is a very relaxed feel to the place and it would be an ideal place to spend one's retirement.

Metung waterfront.

During our last day in the region, we visited the Buchan Caves, arguably one of the must-visit place here. The caves are amazing, however, the tour leave must to be desired due to the fact that there are just too many people.

The stunning Royal caves, Buchan

It was truly an amazing place ideal for a peaceful holiday.

Calm and serene...

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