Friday, October 05, 2007

Lantern festival

Due to the fact that I am caught up in Bairnsdale during the real day itself, I only got to celebrate Lantern Festival on Tuesday.

The Lantern Festival was held in uni as a club activity just like last year.

Anticipating a huge turnout becoz of it being a free event and mooncakes being pretty expensive, 16 big boxes of mooncakes were ordered. And as you guess it, only less than 20 people rocked up.

However, I did learn something useful that night, which is quality always beat quantity.

The good thing of only a few people turning up is that we have more mooncakes per person, more drinks per person, more candles and lanterns per person. And yeah, everyone who came is dedicated to have fun so we had a very good time indeed.

I also felt that how we celebrate lantern festival is fast changing with the times.

Once upon a time, lantern festival is about eating mooncakes and strolling around with a lantern in hand while admiring the big round moon. Now it is more of light up the lanterns and take photos, more photos, and yet more photos...

I think most of the night is spent taking tons of photos. Here are some of the photos:


Funny faces

Forming PISA-VCP

Taking a photo in front of the great big Monash signboard.

The jump-while-carry-lantern-scene. I did more than 10 takes to have this photo.

Happy Mid-autumn festival!

P/s: all the photos are not by me. I snitched them fron facebook. I also think that facebook will be the next great thing after wikipedia.

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