Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rules for guys

Probably some of you knew that I lived with three girls under the same roof when I went to Bairnsdale for my pharmacy placement.

Before you go and say "whoa so nice.." let me warn you that it might not be a very good idea to replicate what I did.

If you still want to do it, there are some certain things you need to know:

Rule 1:
Remember, if you got into an argument with anyone of them, you will soon find yourself in a very disadvantaged 1 vs 3 situation. No matter how logical you are, you are ALWAYS wrong.

Golden advice:
The best thing to do is keep quiet and avoid getting into any contentious discussion.

Rule 2:
They will be some point in time where they will expect you to do some thing that they think you should do because, well you are a GUY. Doesn't matter you feel like doing it or not. You are expected to go buy stuffs, to talk to the motel manager...

Golden advice: The best thing to do is spend most of the time sleeping.

Rule 3:
There will be a point in time when they suddenly ask you to divulge some very interesting relationship stories about yourself, which are very awkward questions coz guys never discuss with guys who is their first crush, how man gals they liked before, which girl you like most etc.

Golden advice: Think of some good answers to the above questions beforehand. A declination to answer is not recommended and will lead to dire consequences.

Rule 4:
Prepare to be nagged. Everyone of the female species (except those who cannot speak) will do it. It is their second nature. Prepare to be told off if you buy too many packets of tasty chips, drink too many cups of fizzy cokes, walk with your shoes on in the house etc. Even if you sleep too early.

Golden advice: Live with it. Think of it as how Ai Ling said it in her blog: women nag men for their own good. That means they care for them (Though i don't gree that in 8/10 they are correct). Treat it as music and before long it will be backgroud music. NEVER tell them to shut up.

And if you think you can accept and follow these four fundamental rules above, you will have a very pleasant stay (and a good rest coz most of the time is spent sleeping).

Don't say I didn't warn you! =)


Ai Ling said...

All I can say is 'HAHA'! :P

Woon Pang said...

Um.. kakaka...