Sunday, May 28, 2006

I hate black umbrellas

Well, I returned home today and two black umbrellas greeted me. One said: "How ya doin, mate?"; while the other (the more shiny one) just tilt her head back haughtily as if wanna say "Black... is quality...". My first feeling was "Omigod... who had died?"

I juz don't like black umbrellas, and the worst thing is, they are everywhere. Such sombre colour, black, and I can't help always associating one with funerals. Black umbrellas, like black cats, when seen, gives the forbading impression that I will suffer bad luck very soon. They have the innate ability to suck the happiness out of me.

Contrast that to my umbrella. I juz love my umbrella so much. It had been together with me for more than two years, literally through rain or shine, sacrificing itself to protect me from danger, whether it is the unforgiving sun, the howling wind or the thundering rain. Besides, it juz look ravishing. It is vibrant and full of life, as well as love. Yes, i mean LOVE.

See the pink and purple LoveS on the umbrella? ^_^

Anyway, by the time now you might to wondering how come a boy like me have a umbrella that looks, well, umm.. so girlish?

Well, I have a reason to love this umbrella. But I'm afraid the reason is so absurb that you wouldn't believe it.

My dad brought this umbrella for me.

Surprising huh? No, I didn't nick it from my sis. No, he didn't buy it for her or for my mum and I nicked it. I asked for an umbrella and he bought me this. Till today, I'm still figuring what was he thinking about when he chose this umbrella for me...

Talk about Fatherly love.

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