Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Teachers' Day

A day for reflection...

May 16 is the date which I think all of us should all pause for a moment to reflect the sacrifices of our teachers. Throughout our formative years, I'm sure we had met a myriad of teachers: some are good, some are bad; but nevertheless they all left their footprints in our hearts. Forever.

"Many can teach, but only the special few can reach."

Besides our parents and friends, teachers has the most powerful influnce on a child. They have the ability to motivate a child to reach his or her full potential or fill him or her with self-doubt. Good teachers teach more than maths, reading and writing skills; they teach about life, virtues and love. They care and reach out to the students. I felt those who are granted the privilege to teach should justified the trust put upon them and teach with the aim of producing bright and well mannered students instead of teaching for the sake of money.

"Teachers nurture the seed of today so that they might bloom into the flowers of tomorrow."

Nowadays, there are just too many people who became teachers because they cannot get a better job elsewhere. It is indeed a bad move by the government to let them teach because I don't feel that they have the motivation and desire. Perhaps these band-aids used to curb the shortage of teachers may solve the problem for now, but I believe the long-term repecussions will be too great.

"Teaching is the profession that creates all others"

I had always wanted to be a teacher. I felt that it is the most prestigious and important job in the world. They are the ones who would mould the future stars of the country. Prime Ministers, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants are all taught by teachers before they secure their profession. Since primary one while writing essays about my ambition, I will inevitably write "when i grow up I wanted to be a teacher..." Even though now what I'm studying deviate from my ambition, I still believe that one day, I will make my ambition a reality.

"Teaching is the work of the heart."

Today, I had reflected on all the teachers that had taught me before. Some left memorable moments that I will always cherish, but some leave much to be desired. However, I would wish to thank them for what the have done or tried to do. My wish for teachers' day this year is that someday, those not-so-good teachers will realise the consequence of their mistakes and begin to really teach...

"HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY!" to those who deserves it for all their sacrifices. =)

Acknowledgement: All quotations are from the website inspirationalpoems.htm. If you have time pls visit that meaningful website and read the story about little Teddy Stoddard.

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