Thursday, May 11, 2006

An Unexpected Letter

This just came through the mail...

Wow! It never crossed my mind that I will get the highest marks in a subject during last year's final exam. Just the thought of being the best amongst nearly 200 students is enough to make me feel very proud of myself.. haha.. It's a nice surprise anyway, and came at just the right time too. I was starting to slack off and lose interest in this year's study and suddenly this comes and gives me the much needed adrenaline push. Now I'm studying with renewed vigour with the aim to get another one of this cert. ^_^

Well, I actually had nothing else to write, as I just wanna spread my joy =). Cheers and happy studying everyone!

By the way, the cert came with a congratulatory letter by the dean:

29 April 2006

Dear Boon Phiaw,

Each year the Victorian College of Pharmacy recognizes students who have excelled in their academic studies. Students who receive the highest mark in each individual unit are acknowledged via a certificate and letter of congratulations.

I am proud to inform you that you are the 2005 recipient of the highest individual mark in VCP1O92 Mathematics, statistics. Please find the related certificate enclosed.

Students who receive prizes for academic merit are excellent ambassadors for Monash University, congratulations on your outstanding achievement.

Professor Colin Chapman

P/s: For those of you read this and think "Yeah rite, so proud of himself now" or "What a big show-off", I'll like to clear your misconception. This post does not intend to showcase my achievement (well, er maybe 2% of my intention) , rather it is to share my joy of getting this with all of you and hopefully can spur all of you to study hard for your coming exams (98%).. good luck and happy studying!

P/s 2: By the way, this is the only paper which I scored highly, the rest of my results are pretty mediocre.