Friday, May 05, 2006

Windows of the soul

Of Korean dramas and actresses

Well, since you two (Loony n DeadFlower) insists so much.. i will delve a little bit into the korean dramas i like. Ever since watching Autumn in My Heart a few years ago..i had been hooked by the korean dramas, or more truthfully, the leading beauties in the drama or movie, specifically their eyes. I love the eyes of korean gals very much. There are big, rounded, watery, sparkery, alive, similar to shining black pearls or anything you like to describe beautiful eyes... In one word: their eyes are just magical. Okay, maybe not every koreans, but the korean actresses. I love their eyes so much that i had change the 'requirement' of my future wife or girlfriend: she need not be pretty, slim, have long hair etc. The only prerequisite is that she has beautiful eyes that are big, playful and alive. I don't care if her eyes are 'belladonna' induced or she suffer from near vision., as long as her eyes sparkle all the time.... =) I really believe eyes are windows of the soul.

Currently I'm watching a Korean series named Love in Harvard. It starred the everly lovely Kim Tae Hee... she was just heavenly. Eventhough the plot in Korean dramas are roughly the same, I still watched them anyway..becoz of the actresses. Besides, its about life in Harvard, and since I did not have a chance to study in the US, might as well have a look at the famous Harvard school. (But heard it was not filmed in Harvard)

The top five Korean actresses (ranked by looks and eyes) in my all time favs list according to order are:
1. Song Hae Gyo 2. Kim Tae Hee 3. Jeon Ji-Hyun 4. Kim Hee Sun 5. Jang Na Ra

Clockwise: Jeon Ji-Hyun, Kim Hee Sun, Jang Na Ra, Song Hae Gyo, Kim Tae Hee)

Well, enough of Korean gals.. now talk about

Current mood: Quite down, coz I'm sick, and M'sia just lost in the Thomas Cup semis to Denmark. But somewhat happy coz juz beat my freinds in Counter Strike. Its the weekend too..meaning I have 2 full days to recuperate... Hopefully will be well by Monday.

Think thats all for today.. yeah and juz if you are curious, i didn't celebrate the historical 010203040506 moment. I was asleep by then. =) Anyway, ciao!


youngyew said...

Wahh, mng hai ya marr, ask girls to dilate their pupil with atropine just because you like big pupils? :P

Anyway, hope you get right soon... And Malaysia, sigh... Maybe we have got not enough yuan fen for Thomas Cup... :(

Phiaw said...

Haha u misintepretla... i didn't ask them to purposely dilate their eyes, but if they really so desperate then too bad la =P haha

Phiaw said...
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