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在电影许多很有意义的对话中, 给我最深刻的印象是 「你爸爸很爱你,但是他不会爱你』这一句。 真的,表达爱是一门很多人不会的学问。不管你多爱一个人,表达不出来和没有爱没什么两样,因为结果都是一样的:对方都感觉不到你的爱。

1。 我爱你




A Rough English Translation:

Last night, I watched the critically acclaimed Jack Neo's movie [ I am not stupid 2] with Wee Loon and Thow Kong.

It was a very touching and meaningful story.

Amongst the various meaningful sentences uttered during the movie, the one I like best is "your dad loves you very much, only that he doesn't know how to love you." In retrospect, displaying love is something a lot of people are not good at. Eventhough we loved someone, be it our parents, siblings or friends, sometimes we just never got the courage to say "I love you". We just assume they know.

The 3 words in the world that poeple loves to hear best:
1. I love you
2. Thank you
3. I'm sorry
are amongst the hardest word to say.

Even though deep inside our heart we loved someone or we are eternally grateful for their support or we felt that we had hurt them.. we sometimes just can't bring ourselves to say those magical words.

We resort to other ways that are usually more expensive, more time or energy consuming to potray our love etc, eventhough we know articulating the words out is the simpliest and most impactful way to do it.

The world is indeed a funny place.

That sums up my feelings for the week.

That the world is indeed a funny place.

P/s: been busy these few days juggling time between studying, commitments in uni and trying to improve my knowledge via reading. I'm reading 3 books concurrently: 'The world is flat' by Thomas Friedman, 'The right word at the right time' by Marlo Thomas and 'Maximum influence' by Kurt Mortensen. All are highly enlightening and hence highly recommended by me. Hence I apologise for the relative lack of posts.

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