Monday, April 16, 2007

Mornington PeninsulaTrip

On Saturday my friends and I embarked on another trip, this time to Mornington Peninsula.

There are 15 of us on this trip, and we hire 3 cars to get everyone in.

First stop is the Enchanted Maze/Garden. There seems to be a lot of mazes in Australia, and this particular one is quite fun. I took a lot of pictures and I'll let a selected few to do the talking for me. =)

The enchanted maze.

A statue of a lady reading in the park.

This feels like Garden of Eden or Shangri-La.

I loved this tree. Reminds me of Autumn in my Heart.

Next we stopped at a mountainside scenic spot for a picnic. The view is magnificient but due to my poor photography skills, there's no good photos to show. So you juz have to trust me that the view is nice.

After that we proceed to a strawberry farm.

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm.

The trip to the strawberry farm left me a little disappointed bcoz it's the end season and the strawberries doesn't look as pretty as it should be. For those of you who never seen a strawberry tree before, I took a picture to satisfy your thirst:

This is how a strawberry fern looks like.

After tasting various fruit wines and sample their famous strawberry ice-cream, we proceed to Rye Beach to view some sand sculptures.

One of the numerous breath-taking sculptures.

After that we went to the beach, and it started raining.

Nevertheless, the weather creates some awesome photographing chances.

Rye Beach sunset

I was feeling a little Song Hae Gyo-ish after viewing the Autumn tree so I ask someone to take this picture. Should had brought my yellow umbrella instead..

There should be a rainbow in the back..

For those in the dark, Song Hae Gyo is one of my fav Korean actress and Autumn in my Heart is the drama in which she acted and which kick-start my love affair with everything Korean. I wrote a post on this before.

I like this pier a lot. I took this photo without looking into the viewfinder of my camera. Even though it looks a little bit crooked, it reminds me of a stairway to heaven.

Fishing pier on Rye Beach

After touring the beach, we went searching for more beaches and beach houses and pay the sea-side town of Sorrento a visit. To culminate our eventful and satisfying trip, we went to Springvale for a Chinese feast.

By the time I reached home, I am nearly dead of exhaustion. On Sunday, I think I am only awake for 6 hours.

Anyway, this trip will not be possible without the initiative and hard work of Wee Loon. He conjures an impressive one-man-show, dealing with everything concerning the trip from rounding up the people, booking the cars and preparing the itinerary. So I would wish to say: "Thank you very much!" to him. I'm sure he will talk about this in his blog soon. =)


Chang Yang said...

Ah Phiaw, I don't think it's a one-man-show worr... :P :P

Anyway, is it just me or you photoshopped the enchanted maze picture? It seems a bit unreal to me, and I remember you stood in a different position when I took the pic. :)

Wee Loon ONG said...

yalo, where got one man show... i paiseh one eh... changyang also busy looking up direction in the car eh... and all those who were so tired driving eh... sumore xuan ni actually looked up on the the thai restaurant... it's everyone's effort eh! and most importantly everyone enjoyed!

Phiaw said...

haha..okay then how many people show do u reckon this is wor =P

Well, i didn't do anything to the photo. I will I could. lol.

youngyew said...

Haha I actually wasn't referring to myself leh... Aiks never mind.

You really didn't do anything to the maze picture? Eerm... I thought I took the picture in portrait orientation instead of landscape. Aiyak I'm wrong again.