Monday, April 02, 2007


My feet ache. My muscles hurt. I walk with a limp today. But I am damn happy. I managed to finish the 15.2km Run-for-the-kids in the unbeliable time of 1:22:20! Even I am astonished at my ability.

Well, if that doesn't sound impressive to you:

That means I took an average of 5 mins 42 sec to finish a kilometre.

Which is also equivalent to 11.1 km/hr.

Well, if you are still not impressed, go grab a threadmill and set the speed at 11 km/hr. And try to run on it for 1 hr. You will see how difficult it is. =)

What's more, it is well below my target of 1:30:00. I don't really think I can do it coz I usually run around 10.5 km/hr at the gym for 20 mins. But yesterday morning, just got the extra reserve to run. I reached the 11km stage in 1 hour, and basically finished the last 4.2 kms in 22mins. It was so exhilirating. I felt so proud of myself after passing the finishing line. It's like reaching a milestone in life.

At last I proved to myself than there is no barrier I can't break, and I had came a lot way physical and fitness wise since my primary school days, where I can't even finish 100m without huffing and puffing. It feels so nice to be fit and healthy.

Okay, back to yesterday's Run For The Kids. There are a approx 26000 person joining the race, with 18000 in the 15.2km race and the rest in the 3.4km run. The weather was pretty nice, no wind with a hint of sun. The view along the journey was breathtaking, as we travel through tunnels and bridges that are normally only accessible to cars.

Happy faces after the race

10 of us JPA students took part in the race, and all of us managed to conquer it in respectable time. So if you think that JPA students are bookworms, think again. We are really all-rounded students who have a big heart, coz besides torturing ourselves, we even need to shell out AUS$35 juz to take part!

Anyway, for different versions and perspectives of the race, feel free to browse the blogs of Wee Loon and Chang Yang. And yeah, special praise had to be given to Wee Loon for managing to finish the race even while suffering from common cold and Thow Kong for running whilst recovering from a badly gashed knee. Commendable spirits.


youngyew said...

Haha Ah Phiaw showing off his super-duper-fast speed... Have to explain your speed in four different paragraphs some more... :P

Haha just kidding la, we all know how fast you ran, and how I wish I could be as fit as you in the future. :)

You should "commend" me a bit also, I also got runny nose and night chill the day before :P

youngyew said...

Congrats to you!

king ung said...

and i think that bp is the fastest among 10 jpa students?

and congrats to bp... amazing!

Phiaw said...

hi sorry chang yang..u didn't look sick leh..thx king ung! =) btw, the official results are out today. i got no 5079 amongst the men! it was like so

king ung said...

no.5079..... not bad, u still outrun 75% of other runners. ^.^

youngyew said...

Haha no la, I was sick the night before. That day itself didn't really show the symptoms already. :P

changyang1230 said...

Just revising this old post after I picked up running recently. You made a mistake in your calculation, your pace is actually 5:25 min/km, which is actually faster than what you wrote here!

And it's very impressive. Currently I can't even manage 5:30 for 5k yet. Will try harder.