Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A happy day

Today was such a happy day. I got selected as a student ambassador! Totally unexpected coz I dun feel that I did well in the interview. Even worse, I'm s'posed to receive a call concerning my application sometime this afteroon but I didn't. It was like so suspenseful... and I only knew about it like 5 mins before the induction coz I happened to bum into the programme coordinator in uni. Damn B digital.. gonna change my phone service provider.

Well, guess a lot of ppl dun understand why I'm so happy about getting something that really don't pay me a single cent and will take up a significant proportion of my time. But it was something I wanted so badly due to its exclusivity: in a year, only around 15 ppl are selected; and it is also the very last piece of the puzzle in my uni life and I got it!

Now I hold an executive position in a club in Uni.
And I am also an official event-organising volunteer in Uni.
And had also received the Vacation scholarship from Uni.
And now this Student Ambassador contract.
My CV is complete. I have every aspect covered. I fulfilled another criteria of my dream.
That's why I'm happy. Happy that another of my dreams have been fulfilled.

Anyway, for those of you who is interest in knowing what the ambassador program is about, basically it is a program where you are expected to represent and promote the uni to prospective students and also the uni's alumni and sponsors. In return, they find a mentor to guide you and also sponsor you to leadership and character-building events. Sounds intimidating but I guess gonna be fun as well.

Future updates about this later. =)

Okay.. updates about the Run-for-the-kids. The official results are out yesterday, and I got placed 5097 amongst the male runners. The top time is around 43 mins, which is a long way better than my time of 1.22.22. On the last two days I was limping in uni coz my foot hurts a lot and tons of ppl don't believe that I actually managed to finish the run (nevermind the excellent time). They were like 'it's 15.2 kms man... are you sure you finish the race?' I was like thinking.. do I look that fat and unfit? =P

Guess 15.2km is intimidating when you first hear about it, but it is actually not that difficult to finish the course. Remind me of the "Yakin Boleh" song that I sing annually in my secondary school.. "jika kau fikirkan kau boleh, kau boleh melakukannya..." My advice is, you can do it if you think you can. =)

Anyway, yesterday I tried to cook the pumpkin soup that was taught in the cooking class in uni last week. I reckon I did a good job coz it looks appetizing and tastes better than the one demonstrated. Too bad my housemate dunno how to appreciate it... hmm.. wan look for someone who knows how to appreciate me.

Guess I wanna sign off now. Easter Break is up next week! Looking forward to the one week hols.


Wee Loon ONG said...

har...your pumpkin soup nice ar?! erm .... erm.... speechless....

hL said...

wooohooo! way to go for both yr ambassador thingy n yr run! 1:22 is good. 43 mins is like for elite athletes. make sure u to better in the future!

keep it up! go go go!

AW said...

Congratulations for being selected as the student ambassador.

It is great to see one of your dream coming true.

Happy holiday!

Phiaw said...

to wee loon: haiz u got -ve mindset la. havent try oso say not nice can you make a sound judgement?
to hl: thx a lot. my foot still hurts. next time i wanna run slower.
to aw: thx. but can i know who u r? can't figure it out =)