Friday, April 20, 2007

First Pub Experience

In my 2 plus years in Melbourne, I had never stepped into a pub. Until today.

Drinking on a Friday nite is much of an Austrilian cultural thing. However, due to a lack of oppportunity, I never had a chance to join in the fun. Until today.

For my first pub eperience, my friend bought me to Young & Jackson, argubly the most famous pub in Melbourne.

The atmosphere there is very nice: the walls are graced with beautiful pictures, the tables bathed in warm candle light and there are soft chattering and clattering as background music.

First off we have beer. Some of the beers are funnily named: I have one named Mountain Goat and my friend have the Little Creature.

Then we have a shot of tequila. My friend taught me a very unique way of enjoying them:

Firstly, shake some salt on the back of your hand.

Secondly, drink your tequila in one shot.

Thirdly, suck the salt,

Lastly, and (quickly) took a bite of the lemon.

The sensation in your mouth is amazing.

To top it off, we ordered some nice food to go with our drinks. These are our chorizo (Spanish Sausage) on toast and chips with dipping sauce. They really augment the whole eperience.

Surprisingly enough, it was a pretty relaxing experience being in Young & Jackson. You can just sit there chatting and enjoying the soothing atmosphere while letting your body and mind unwind after a week of stress. There is none the usual brawdy, noisy, smoky crowd usually associated with pubs.

It was indeed a satisfying and pleasant experience.

P/s: I took the photos in sepia mode to capture the 'feeling' of the place. Hopefully you can feel it. =)

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