Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The balloon story

Kendemeyer glanced at his watch, tapping his left foot on the plush carpet impatiently.

Damn” he mutters under his breath. “Why does a woman always has to be late?

His mobile rang as he snuffed out his fifth cigarette of the hour.

Sorry sweetie I will be 10 minutes late.

That’s okay love, you are always worth waiting for.

He hated himself for saying that.

Oh, I know you are bored waiting for me sweetie. Why don’t I give you a little challenge to keep you awake?

Okie love. Your wish is my command.

Damn. Why he has to be so weak.

“I expect to have a helium balloon waiting for me when I see you. Don’t disappoint me!”

Kendemeyer looked frantically around the shopping strip. Gosh where can he find a helium balloon at this place at this hour? He paced around the corner. Turned left. Turned right. Turned circles. No balloon as the clock continuously ticked down.


Lynette got the balloon as she passed by the pharmacy to admire the make up kit she wished she owned. Apparently they were promoting their newest weight loss program, as the smiling sales assistant gave her a pink balloon with “Fight the fat” emblazoned on it.

Her little girl will be so happy to see the balloon. It was a few months back since she had bought home anything fun for her daughter. Life had been so hard since her husband left them to fend for themselves one year ago.

She was bouncing down the street, happily carrying the pink balloon on a string when he spotted her.


Kendemeyer can felt his heart beating faster as the time ticked away. He had broke into a sweat but still no balloon. There was now only two minutes before Vixenne arrived. Last time he failed her task, she didn’t speak to him for one week.

He was on the verge of giving up when he saw the sweet girl with the red hair-band across the street with a pink balloon on her hands. Without thinking twice, he beat a path to her.

“Hi excuse me miss, I was wondering… can you give me the balloon please?”

Lynette was startled by the request. “Err, but I want to give the balloon to my daughter..”

“I know this is a big ask, but my daughter was hit by a car this morning. She is now at the hospital. She asked me to give her a balloon but I can’t find one..” Kendemeyer ended the sentence in a sigh, while putting on his most pitiful expression. Desperation always brings up the best actor in him.

Lynette was skeptical but her heart of gold got better of her. “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope your daughter get well soon. Here you can have this balloon.”

“Thank you so much! Oh I will always be indebted to you.” Kendemeyer managed to get a tear trickling down his left cheek as he said this.


“Hi sweetie, here’s your balloon.”

Oh muaks” she pecked him on the cheek “you never disappoint me.

As they walked down the busy street hand in hand, Kendemeyer felt so lucky because he has a stunning beauty strutting next to him. He loved seeing all those envious glances from other men.

“Aw this balloon says ‘Fight the fat’. Eww. Gross. I hate that word.”

With that Vixenne released the balloon and it flew up into the sky.

At that moment, Lynette was turning the knob of the door into her small room. She heaved a sigh of dejection. Her daughter will have another plain boring day.

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ZL said...

I see you put in quite a bit of effort and imagination to write your blog. Just thought the articles deserves some comments.

Pretty ones are in most cases spoilt by the choices that are given to them. Personality-wise they can be rather hollow and unpleasant. If you are to blame anything for this, blame the shallow men (nb: plural) who have spoilt them. But if you look further down the path, often these people are less likely to be happy in the long run, and lack stability.