Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Lottery Winner Story

Eremaine woke up, brushed her teeth, changed into a spaghetti strap and shorts and proceeded to walk to the lottery shop near her house.

At the lottery shop, she pulled up a sheet of scratch paper from the neatly stacked pile on the booth. With the blue pen that is attached to the booth via a thin white string, she crossed out the six numbers: 6, 11, 13, 22, 33, 37.

She handed in the paper to the tall man with moustache behind the counter, paid him $1.10, waited a few seconds for him to process it and then got the receipt from him. She neatly folded the receipt and carefully put it into her purse.

She checked the amount of money to be won on the notice board. Good. A cool $2.2 million. That should be enough to do a couple of things.

She began to think about what she can do with the money. Should she spend it on a house? A car maybe? Or a trip to Europe. Oh, who cares, there are still two more days to think about it as the result will only be announced then.

Two days later, Eremaine woke up, brushed her teeth, changed into a white T-shirt and rainbow coloured skirt and proceeded to walk to the lottery shop near her house again.

She took out her receipt from her purse and handed it to the yawning moustached man behind the booth and patiently waited for him to cross match it with the results of the draw. 6..11..13..22..33..37!

"Wow! Congratulations miss! You won the top prize!" shrieked the man, jumping up and down like an excited bunny. He waved the receipt in the air, doing a funny little dance in the process as if he won the top prize himself.

"Yes I know. Thank you." Eremaine replied calmly, while nonchalantly swatting a fly that flew too close to her. "Now can you please tell me how am I supposed to redeem the prize money?"

The man tried his best to explain it to her even though he was still on a high adrenaline rush. Eventually, Eremaine managed to extract the info from him. Since the HQ of the lottery shop is a distance away, she opted to go home and only make the journey the next day.

Back home, she was reading the newest story book by Jeffrey Archer in her bathtub when she finally decided what she will do with her newly-acquired riches. She will just put it into her bank account first until she has a clear idea what to do with it. $2.2 million sounds a lot, but she knew it can be used up relatively easily if she's not careful.

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