Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Far-far away land


Once upon a time there was a commoner who wanted to be prince.

In order to do that he needs to marry the princess of far-far-away-land.

So off he go to far-far-away-land. Along the way, battles were fought with dragons and trolls. Wits and brute strengths were employed endless times to conquer kings and knights.

Each time he prevailed, armed with his strong perseverance and one-mindedness. With that, his aim to become prince became closer and closer to reality.

Nearly four years and 36 arduous task later, he at last reached the castle in which the princess reside.

The king was at the doorstep to receive him.

"Congratulations for getting this far, young man. But before I hand my daughter to you, there's this last test for you to conquer. ... ..."

Right behind the king suddenly the princess appears, in a breathless dress of diamonds and pearls. The commoner was awe-struck by her peerless beauty.

His mind began to drift to the endless possibilities of fun and happiness he can have with the princess in the years to come. He fantasize about going on trips with the princess and whispering sweet nothings to her. He imagined all the beautiful kids they would have, and how green  the faces of his friends would look like when brings the princess home. As the happy thoughts circled in his mind, a smile began to spread across his face.

"..and so good luck, my dear boy, I see this task is very easy to you. Ah, confidence! That's the spirit I like! Hope you pass it with flying colours."

With that he escorted the commoner though a door into a dark room and slammed it shut.

The commoner readied himself for what-ever thing will happen.

Then he realised something important.

Gosh, what was the task again??

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