Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Early morning blues

Adrenaline kicked in early today. Been up since 7am. Last two days to saviour the life of being a student.

Woke up. Brush teeth. Looked into mirrors and counted my pimples. Ah, great, no new ones.

Coffee with froth. Breakfast with eggs.

Online checked news. Nothing much happened. Except Newcastle won! Yeah now we are not at the bottom of the table.

Notes up. High lighter in hand. Pen on paper. Read. Write. Read. Write.

Read. Memorise. Agonise.

Re-read. Re-memorise. Why that darn info never wanted to get in?

Youtube. Facebook. My sis superpoked me again. Too free izzit?

Back to notes.

Last chance to score a 9 in exams. I must persevere!

Oo its November. Tree right in front of my room full of leaves. Last time I noticed it was still bare.

63 days before going home..

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