Sunday, November 16, 2008

Swish 08

Swish was the graduation farewell party for fourth year pharmacy students.


This year's theme was Arabian Nights - A magic carpet ride.


It was magical. Everyone going into the venue was showered by rose petals.


The event was held at Cossar Hall, which is Uni. However, it was greatly transformed for the night. For instance, there were two tall minarets adorning the stage.


A belly dancer also made an appearance.


There was also a camel resting at the back of the hall. I figured that it was thirsty, so fed it some wine.


It was a great night where we got to mingle and take photos with lecturers and other students.


During Swish they also gave out the Student Community Achievement Award for students who had somewhat made contributions to students life in Uni.

Surprisingly I got one of the award! It was peer nominated and I didn't really thought that anyone will nominate me as the process is very complicated.

To that person, thank you very much for nominating me. I hoped I really did made a difference to students life in Uni. This award really meant a lot.

And here's me posing with the award surrounded by two stunning models.


Now there's only two things left in my Uni life to look forward to: the day the results are released (Nov 28) and graduation (Dec 11).

Till then, it will be continuous partying. ^^

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hsiu yinn said...

congratulations ! i think u truly deserved the award :)