Friday, November 28, 2008

Off to the land of long white clouds...


For a week from tomorrow, I will be in the land of the long white clouds, a place where I was supposed to do my four year undergraduate course, until of course when fate intervened and I found myself Down Under instead.

Will spend eight days exploring the sights of the North Island of New Zealand, spending time in places with weird names like Rotorua and Taupo and Coromandel.

Hopefully the change in scenery can give me inspiration to write more stories. ^^

Results were out yesterday. Quite a relief that did better than expected. Saw a 9 as the first number for the first time since year 1. Too bored and did an analysis of my results.


Happy to found out that my results are quite consistent over the four years, even though there was a drastic drop after the first year. Things do get tough progressively, or I got lazier as the semesters went by?

Anyway, that means only one thing left to look forward to in my Uni life: the graduation ceremony. It will be held 8.00pm 11th December 2008. Just a mere two weeks away..


J said...

Congrats! You're off to beter things now and on the journey to being a health professional.

You couldn't have chosen a better path than that. Ah, the feeling of waiting to graduate - enjoy it while it lasts.

Do take a bow to your parents for setting you up for this.

jen said...

congrats phiawz!! :D