Thursday, November 13, 2008

Post exam

Gosh. Time sped by like a stealthy thief making a run for his life. Didn't realised that I sat for my last ever paper exactly one week ago today.

And so it is all over. A sense of happiness and relief spread through my whole body when I hear the examiner say "stop writing and put your pen down," for the very last time. The 3 hour Drug Development paper was thankfully not as hard as anticipated.

I looked around the examinations room as I waited for my exams paper to be picked up. Those are faces whom I had spent four years with studying pharmacy, with many of them I don't know their names, and probably will never see again.

It was funny how you don't get to know everyone in your graduating class when there's less than 200 of you and all studied in the same lecture theatre for 8 semesters. Upon reflection, most of my friends I got to know because we were slotted into the same prac groups or assignment groups. If not because of this, I probably would have less friends than now.

I was a bit dazed a few hours post exam after the initial euphoria had subsided. The classic syndrome of post exam depression set in again. There's just this emptiness that render everything that is so fun during exam time being so...un-fun. Watching drama then was so exciting. Now, there's no inclination to watch them.

It is also the time to meet up with friends and say the long last goodbye. This year in particular had been fast, and it was just like yesterday when I started my year as an O-week mentor. Maybe it was because of the 9 weeks placement I had. Everyday now just had to be filled with plans to meet up with someone. Because I will never know when will we meet again.

Going to start working in a couple of months. That seems like another world far far away, or a dream. I need something to knock me back to reality.

Tomorrow will be the Swish graduation class farewell party. Ah, will it be the last ever time I sat foot on the place I called my second home for the past four years? Hopefully not..

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