Monday, March 23, 2009

Another trip

After conquering Singapore aka The Little Red Dot less than a fortnight ago...


It's time for The Little Yellow Something to put on her red beret and walking shoes again. For I'm bringing her for another trip starting from tomorrow!


Where we will be going? Well, actually we will be touring my own backyard, Kuching!


As I had found out in the past week showing Yong Chin around, there's still a lot about Kuching that I need to find out, even though I grew up here. Only last week I knew what ingredients were found in the traditional Sarawak rice wine, or being aware that Bidayuh longhouses looked different compared to Iban longhouses.


This is a longhouse.

Gosh, I wasn't even aware that there's geothermal hot pool in Kuching. To think I went all the way to New Zealand to see one! A trip to the Sunday Market also highlighted my ignorance. Most of the jungle produce/eatable plants looked utterly foreign. And there's no Indian in the whole stretch of India Street!


Old-time British buildings in Kuching. India Street is behind.

OMG, you should have found out this earlier, you may say. But well, a mitigating argument is that, I'm sure a lot of the younger Kuchingnites living in the suburban area is just like me! We live in a modern housing estate, go to nearby school, tuition centres and shopping centres and have no time at all or the need to go to visit the city centre or outskirts. Everything is so convenient.

Hence the need to go for a trip around Kuching. Besides, I think I read somewhere that to understand others, you need to understand yourself first. Hence to understand the world, why not try to thoroughly go through all the nooks and crannies of your own backyard? Going around Kuching visiting the landmarks will be like a journey of self-discovery.

Hope you will say: "OMG, the long holiday had definitely make him wiser." Thank you. But I'm actually going to bring friends from Semenanjung around town. So its not exactly an initiated excursion. But at least I'm doing it!


Galahad said...
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Galahad said...

the quotation first comes out of "the art of war" by sun tzu of 6th century - if you know both your enemies and yourself, you will always win in battles; If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win half and lose half of the battles. If you know neither your enemies nor yourself, you will always lose in battles.

wise, but how many of us do?