Wednesday, March 18, 2009

At long last..

I'm finally going to send off my entries for the MPH-Alliance Bank National Short Story writing competition tomorrow!


I had finished writing both stories last month, but didn't send them in yet  because I was keen to revise it so that it will be as perfect as possible. Finally forced myself to stop amending it any further and just send them in today as the deadline is getting really near.


The first story I wrote centred around a Chinese wedding. I named the piece "There's something about Marry". It had 16 vignettes, 3 main characters and 6664 words.


The second story is a single situation story, has two protagonists and only 3266 words long. It was titled "Mirage".

It had been a very good writing experience. Prior to this, I had never written something more than 2000 words. But in this short two months span, I finished three short stories: with two 6000+ words long (including Leaving) and  the other 3000+ words long.

And I got to really scrutinize my grammar and correct usage of vocabulary for the very first time since my INTEC years. My grammar was really getting out of hand. Every proof-reading brought up undiscovered mistakes. Many thanks to my proof-readers too. I will treat you all lunch if I won something. =P

If both stories are not short-listed for the prize, I will publish it in my blog sometime around July or August. In the meantime, I will be keeping my fingers crossed...

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Anonymous said...

woohoo, good luck phiaw, i know you will win it; and jess will add you on the news of alchemy