Monday, March 16, 2009

Leaving - the sequel

After a fortnight of not writing anything, I started to write again. Am just trying to get some momentum going while there's still some left. It was kind of hard thinking about a brand new story line, hence I had decided to write a sequel to Leaving!

Currently I have a vague idea of how the story will go, but haven't actually finalised the small details. Hopefully it will be interesting and a good read. I had only finished writing the first part and half. So there's still a long long way to go!

Hmm.. this post felt a little bit short. What else can I write as space filler.

Oh my Form 5 form teacher came for a visit today. Her son and friends interviewed me as part of their From 2 project on "Tokoh-tokoh bekas pelajar Stampin." Oh how flattering. They were asking "So what are you doing now?"

"Nothing at the moment!" I answered zestfully, happy to have no job stress to be concerned with at this moment. It was two hours later than this scenario popped into my mind. Imagine this being their answer (translated from Malay):

After graduating from the school in 2002, Boon Phiaw was awarded the JPA scholarship blah blah blah... he went to Monash University Australia to study blah blah blah... There he took part in a lot of activities blah blah blah.... He graduated with honours last year. Now he came back and do nothing.

Now, that will be flattering.

Anyway, I am just feeling the spaces. Back to writing the story.

By the way, this is what happened on this date last year :


My, time does fly...

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Anonymous said...

u should give lectures to form 2 class, they will fall onto their knees and worship you.