Thursday, March 26, 2009

Backyard Forays Day 3

On the third day of the trip we finally manage to complete the Kuching food trifecta by having Kuey Chap. This ubiquitous broad rice noodles in a broth filled with every imaginable parts of a pig's body didn't turn off the ladies. In fact, I think they quite like it.


Wheatgrass and Wheatgrass-C. No I was not referring to the ladies clad in wheatgrass green, but on the drink they are drinking. Apparently whaetgrass-C is a local delicacy. Never thought that its so special. Kuchingnites really outdone themselves when it comes to food.


On the agenda today was a trip to a Bidayuh longhouse. Don't know what did they learn from the trip. That Sarawak people don't live on trees but on houses made using trees?


But at least they got to try on the local rice wine:Tuak. 18 percent alcohol fermented for 10 years selling at the dirt cheap price of RM30 per litre. You just don't get this price in Australia..


Next was a date with men's closest cousin: the orangutan. This particular one was busy collecting broad shaped leaves. A moment later we found out why he was doing that because it started to rain cats and dogs. Primates are really clever.


Dinner was at Hui Sing  Hawker Centre, where we got to try their variant of Metahon and White Lady. Someone just gotta have both of them at a time.


Night time was the perfect time to waste time at The Spring, the so-called biggest shopping complex in Kuching. So big and empty that one of the girls commented it was  perfect venue to learn driving.  But something besides the shops do manage to capture their attention:


No, its not that there's a handsome guy standing down there. Just some fake plants and water. Hmm..the things that get girls interested. Funny creatures. Rather perplexing. 


There goes the third day of the trip.

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^ The classical Kheng Ying stare. :D