Thursday, March 05, 2009

The little red dot

Later today I will be leaving Kuching for the place we Malaysians love to call "the little red dot". Who cares that the red dot actually consists of 64 islands, we can only see that dot.


Why will I be there? Well, a few days ago the famous mystical Singapore Merlion kena head shot by lightning. I am going there to see whether I can spot any Toto numbers. Who knows this will be the chance for me to strike it rich.


Besides, going to Singapore is now so cheap with JetStar, Tiger Airways, Air Asia, Mas Airlines and SIA all trying to ensure all the 600,000 Kuching people can visit Singapore at least once in their life.


Anyway, I will be there for around one week. Since I'm the only contributor to this blog, this indirectly meant that the blog will also be on holiday for one week.

In the meantime, take care and have fun enjoying your own life. ^^

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