Friday, March 27, 2009

Backyard Forays Day 4 & 5

After two days of out-of-city trips, the girls finally started to show signs of running out of steam. Hence didn't do much, just going off to Hong Kong Noodles House for some delicious spread during lunch time.


And then we spent the night time at Raymond's house for dinner, where they were introduced to Iban delicacies like Bamboo Chicken, red coloured rice and kachang-ma. Too bad didn't bring out my camera.

Day 5 started late again, this time we had to do without breakfast and started with a brunch consisted of Sarawak delicacies with a tinge of Foochow theme as we had some Kong Pia and Foochow style fried noodles.


Next was a trip to the famous Sarawak museum, where we spent roughly an hour looking at stuffed animals and human skulls.


This was actually preceeded by a stroll through the museum compound, where there's an aquarium and a park dotted with seats and old graves. The girls were trying to mimic the wood craved statues besides them. They are so good that I decided there's no point taking photos of the statues.


After that it was back to Carpenter and Gambier streets again for shopping. Bracelets, woven rattan bags, T-shrits, vases, key chains... you named it, chances were they bought it.

Song Kheng Hai was next on the list, where they got to sample a third variation of Metahon and White Lady and second variation of Kong Pia, as well as Belacan Beehoon.


Next was a trip to the colourful Sunday Market, where locals of different races sell a variety of jungle produces and traditional food.


Nothing much happened, the only thing worth mentioning was that I managed to capture this photo of a young mother bringing a child to buy drinks which brought up memories of a scene in Jay Chou's Tui Hou MV.




Quite a coincidence that the young mother have similar hairstyle with Hebe's current one (Hebe's the girl in the MV). =P

The day ended with a dinner with Freda's family in one of the restaurants around town and a game of monopoly.

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