Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Backyard Forays Day 2

Laksa Sarawak! That was the perfect tonic to start off our second day on tour. As usual, this one of a kind thing can only be found here. So engrossed Kuchingnites were with Laksa that each of us have our personal ranking list of best Laksas. We took the one at Golden Arch, which was undisputedly one of the best.


After that we proceeded to the number one tourist destination in Kuching: the Sarawak Cultural Village. Lucky Monash didn’t take back our student cards. Students were only charged RM15, which was one quarter of the usual entrance fee for non-Sarawakian adult.


There we enjoyed a cultural show,


visited unique looking houses,


did dangerous activities,


and show-off our musical talent.


ZhiWei even managed to find a Melanau husband.


3 o’clock and it was siesta time at the picturesque and idyllic Damai beach, where the cool shades of coconut leaves, rhythmic crash of the waves and soft sea zephyr lulled us to sleep.


We also did the touristy thing of writing down the place and time of visit on the sand. Too bad forgot to do the jumping pose.


Night time was a dinner by the seaside, where we feed on exotic dishes like this bamboo clams as well as deer meat, bidin and a oyster-pancake type of thing while buzzing mosquitoes feed on us.


With a full and contented stomach, we called it a day after that and went home. This was how the second day of my Kuching Discovery Tour progressed.

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